Monday, April 29, 2013

Chilean Tolkien Society visits Wellington

A little while ago I received a message from two representatives of the Tolkien Society in Chile, Paula Menz and Rodrigo Krebs. They are currently travelling around New Zealand, and would be in Wellington on the day of the moot last week. Unfortunately, they wouldn't arrive in Wellington until after the meeting had finished, so that was a no-go.

Then I found out that they had also booked in for a full day LOTR tour around the region, so I decided to take an extra day at work, and show them around instead. Our own Ben was also booked on that day, so it seemed like a great opportunity to have a few hardcore Tolkien fans on board, all together.

It ended up being a fun day (as most of my days are). We started the tour on Mount Victoria, for the famous "Get Off The Road" scenes, including a Shortcut to Mushrooms. After that, we headed straight off to the Weta Workshop, as we were booked in to the new "Window Into The Workshop" exhibition that Weta has now formally opened to the public. We got lucky - there were trolls about outside, as well.

Bert (or Tom or William)

After the workshop, it was time for an early lunch at the Scorch-o-rama, and then straight on to the Kaitoke Regional Park, north of Upper Hutt, for a good look around Rivendell. More locations on the way back, including the beautiful Isengard in Upper Hutt's Harcourt Park, and that took it to well after 5:00pm.

I decided to drop off the other passengers first at their respective hotels, and then us four remaining hardcore geeks went off to continue the Tolkien discussions over dinner at one of my favourite local noodlebars.

We dropped Ben off at his residence, and eventually Paula and Rodrigo as well.

Ben, Jack, Paula & Rodrigo
Paula and Rodrigo, it was great to meet you both - we're sorry you couldn't make it to the meeting but there's always a next time! I've added your Tolkien group to our official page of Friends.

If you find yourself back in Wellington for any reason, we'd love to hear from you again!

  - Jack

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Welly-moot 2.2 (April 28, 2013) - Dual Themes!

Due to the increased size in the group, this month we're going to try discussing two separate themes. The size of the group and the venue means it's becoming harder to hear everyone properly. To adjust, we're splitting the group into two separate themes, and you can pick (and switch!) at any stage of the meeting.

Theme 1) Your favourite part of The Hobbit
Theme 2) Tolkien's other tales

For theme 1, bring along your copy of The Hobbit book, and feel free to read a small section of it to the group, and explain why you enjoyed that part more than others.

For theme 2, we will talk about some of Tolkien's other tales, not set in Middle-earth. Farmer Giles, Roverandom, Leaf by Niggle, or any of the others - what makes them special? Do they relate to Middle-earth at all? Do they share common themes? Let's talk!

Also, we hope to have Annabel Graham with us again. Annabel is a jeweller who creates beautiful pieces for Doctor Who fans the world over, and she's hand-crafted a bronze badge for us. She showed us a sample at the last moot, which was adored by all.

The Welly-moot badge - get one now!

As promised, we've managed to keep the price very low compared to her usual pieces - it will be less than $20 (a final price will be set before the meeting).

So please, bring a $20 note, and wear the Welly-moot logo with pride.

We'll see you next week - bring friends, family, or perfect strangers! And please, spread this announcement on your facebook pages, twitter account, work noticeboards, etc.

  - Jack