Monday, July 24, 2017

Welly-moot #6.4 will be held on July 30

Another meeting coming up, back at the Embassy. We're repeating the theme of last meeting - this time we'll actually get to it.

Reality vs Metaphor
In The Hobbit, the Rock Giants are portrayed as real in the films, but many believe they are just metaphors - what are are thoughts on this? And are there any other instances of this in the stories?

Rock Giants - are they real or did Bilbo imagine them?

So, if you're keen on a good fun afternoon with a bunch of fellow coffee drinkers and cake eaters, come join, and add your $0.02 worth to the discussion - or just come and sit back and enjoy the bun-slinging.

Usual time, usual place: 2:00pm, upstairs at the Embassy cafe. Entry is free and gives lifetime membership as a Welly-mooter, but bring money for coffee and cakes.

  - Jack & Alex

Thursday, July 13, 2017

Technical details behind the scenes at Welly-moot

Nothing major to report right now. Our next meeting is coming up later this month, so expect an update for that soon.

Meanwhile I've been updating our website, mostly behind the scenes, and hopefully without anyone noticing. Really just future-proofing the automation behind the blog, to make sure all the robots still do the right thing. This post is a test of that, as much as anything. Twenty minutes after I post this, hopefully I'll have a big smile on my face - alternatively, I know I'll have more work to do.

In essence, it ensures that everyone can read this blog in whatever form they wish, and I just have to post it in one place. The available options can be found on our blog at, and they take the form of those brown "wooden" buttons on the right. You can stay updated through the blog itself, facebook, twitter, the RSS feed, yes even Google+, and the mailing list.

The only one that has extra content is the facebook page where a few other people have posted things, or left comments.

PS - does anyone actually use Google+? I know I never check it without getting a notification first.