Saturday, September 15, 2018

ROTK at the Roxy Saturday 22 September

Hi fellow Wellymooters

Just checking in to remind you about The One Room Fan Museum's first birthday party next Saturday, 22 September, at 6pm, 4 Corunna Ave, Newtown, Welly.

Some of us are going to dress up in costume and go to ROTK at the Roxy, screening at 1pm. The show is sold out, but I have two tickets left if you contact me at (first in ...). Some of you may already be going - in costume I hope - and we'll see you there!

If you are coming to the movie in our party, come to the Museum around 11 and we'll robe up together and have a laugh, maybe some photos ...

I remember going to that Hobbit and LOTR marathon that Jack organised in 2016 (I only went to the LOTR films, though). I couldn't believe how many people were there in costume - and that's what started me on the pathway to the Museum. So it will be nostalgic and so cool to be part of Wellymoot now.

After the Museum birthday, what should we do next? Emily, you talked about a walk at Rivendell and back to yours - shall we fix a date?

Hope to see you at the cinema and/or the party next Saturday. Here's a couple of nostalgic photos from Jack from the last session - thanks to whoever provided the photos to Jack. Best wishes, Kathy