Monday, July 24, 2017

Welly-moot #6.4 will be held on July 30

Another meeting coming up, back at the Embassy. We're repeating the theme of last meeting - this time we'll actually get to it.

Reality vs Metaphor
In The Hobbit, the Rock Giants are portrayed as real in the films, but many believe they are just metaphors - what are are thoughts on this? And are there any other instances of this in the stories?

Rock Giants - are they real or did Bilbo imagine them?

So, if you're keen on a good fun afternoon with a bunch of fellow coffee drinkers and cake eaters, come join, and add your $0.02 worth to the discussion - or just come and sit back and enjoy the bun-slinging.

Usual time, usual place: 2:00pm, upstairs at the Embassy cafe. Entry is free and gives lifetime membership as a Welly-mooter, but bring money for coffee and cakes.

  - Jack & Alex


  1. Hello! Just wondering if there's a moot scheduled for this weekend? Will be visiting family in the Telford area (I just almost wrote "Tolkien area") and would love to attend a smial moot!

  2. No, scratch that. I was thinking of Wellington in the UK. Darn. You seem like such a lovely group! :-)

  3. Haha... sorry, I missed a bunch of messages in a queue and just found them back now, a year later.

    Let us know if you're ever near New Zealand's Wellington, we'd love to host you!