Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Japanese Dragons at next Moot!

In keeping with the Dragons theme of our next Welly-moot, founding member Alex will demonstrate her skills at the ancient Japanese art of Origami, and will try her hand at making paper dragons.

Red Dragon by Alex

These are not easy creatures to fold out of a single square piece of paper, without cutting or glueing! If you want to see how she does it, be sure to come to the next meeting!

Also, one of our regular attendees, Kumiko is also working on "a Japanese Dragon" of some kind. More details as they come to hand!

Remember, the next meeting is April 29th, upstairs at the Embassy Theatre at 2:00pm.

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  1. All good wishes to everyone in Welly-moot!

    Brian Sibley

    1. Thanks for the good wishes, Brian! And let us know next time you're in Wellington - we'll set up a special meeting for you!