Monday, December 17, 2012

Welly-moot 1.6 : The Hobbit 1 - An Unexpected Journey

By now I expect that most (if not all!) of us have seen the new movie - I hope you all enjoyed it as much as we did. Personally, I can't wait for the next installment, although I guess we'll have to. :)

Currently I'm sure you've all had the same problem as me - there's a bit of a transitionary period between my first viewing, and that of a lot of people I've spoken to who haven't yet seen it. I keep having to bite my tongue and not talk in too many spoilers!

The next Welly-moot is coming, and due to my work commitments, I've changed the date from the usual Sunday (30th of December) to the Saturday before (29th of December). I thought it might be nice to go into the meeting not having to worry about that, so we can all discuss the movie to our heart's contents.

The start time has also changed for this meeting - we'd like people to come at 1:00pm (instead of the usual 2:00pm).

Finally, since a number of our members are only in New Zealand for a limited time, and may have missed a "proper" Christmas get-together, we thought we would offer our home for this meeting.

NB - Not the Embassy Cinema this meeting!

As such, we would like to keep control of how many people are coming, so if you could drop me a quick line with approx numbers, that would simplify things hugely. My email address is

We would like to make it a similar event as our Second Breakfast event at the red carpet premiere, so I'm asking everyone to "bring another plate" please. That seemed to work exceedingly well, and I think everyone enjoyed that on November 28th!

What we would like people to bring though, is something home-made. Perhaps something traditional from your home-country? We will make it an International Lunch!

So, the details:

  • Where : Our home. Details via RSVP (email me)
  • When : 1:00pm, Saturday, December 29, 2012
  • What : International Lunch, bring-a-plate (home made/cooked/baked please!)

So, email me, and I'll give you the address to come to!

  - Jack


  1. hello?anyone in their hobbit-hole? I heard of Wellymoot on November 28th when I was at the World Premiere. I wonder, could I join? I am a huge Middle-Earth Hobbit-fan and when I heard about all the events for the Premiere and the Hobbit release I was...well...REALLY happy!!! :D

    I can't come to the Welly-moots as i live in Palmerston North D: but may I still join?

    Yours Hobbity, Hobbit. Novaer - Elvish for farewell.

    P.S I run the hobbit countdown blog -

  2. Ah, if you were hoping to join this meeting, then I'm afraid you've missed it - we had it on December 29th. But if you mean to just be a prt of Welly-moot, and the general NZ Tolkien enthusiasts, then by all means come and join us! We're also active on facebook, so remember to click there, and join us (if you're on fb).