Friday, March 11, 2016

Ultra-marathon update - LOTR-only tickets available as well now.

Quick event update - there are now also LOTR-only tickets available, for those who can't get Thursday 24th off, or aren't up to a 24 hour marathon (weaklings!).

The tickets get you all three LOTR (Extended Editions) at the Roxy Cinema, with breakfast and lunch as well. This starts from midnight (straight after The Hobbit Trrilogy) and is $150 for all three LOTR films plus breakfast and lunch.

You may purchase here:

Or call the Roxy, or visit them. As always, no refunds or unpaid bookings.


  1. Good luck with the U.M. I'm not sure what JRR would have thought about you running this over Holy Thursday and Good Friday, but nevertheless...

    Have fun.

    1. I'm guessing the guy who created a standalone mythology of Middle-earth (and chose the dates VERY carefully), would have been thrilled to see us celebrate the date that the ring was destroyed by coming together and partaking of meals in a shared environment.

      But since he passed away I guess we'll never know.

      On the other hand, if YOU have criticism about the dates we chose, please let us know. We'd love to have a discussion about it, say at one of the many meetings we have every year.

  2. Good grief. It wasn't a criticism, merely an observation. Anyway, good luck with the event.

  3. I didn't see it as criticism. You're still very welcome to attend anytime. Mind you, we have meetings on Sunday's usually, and Tolkien would have been at church.

    Also, just an observation.

  4. True, but he wouldn't have been there all day. Sunday's in the catholic Church, without exception, are celebrations. I endorse your meeting arrangements, for what it's worth :-)