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Timeline - Dwarvish History (1981-2941, 3rd Age)

Events relating to Durin's folk, the Longbeards.

1981, III - Dwarves mine Moria too deep and accidentally release a Balrog.
- King Durin VI and son Nain I are slain by Balrog.
- Most of the dwarves flee north, and settle in Grey Mountains.

1999, III - The next king in line, Thrain I, founds Erebor, the Lonely Mountain.
- Thrain I discovers the Arkenstone in Erebor.
- Thrain is suceeded by next-in-line, Thorin I (NB - not Thorin Oakenshield, that’s Thorin II).

2210, III - Thorin I departs Erebor for the Grey mountains, taking Arkenstone with him.

2463, III - White Council is created.

2463, III - Deagol finds The One Ring and is killed by Smeagol at Gladden Fields.

2470, III - Smeagol flees into the Misty Mountains.
2570, III - Dragons attack Grey Mountains.
2589, III - Dain I (great-great grandoson of Thorin I) slain by dragons.
2590, III - Dain I’s 2nd son Fror slain by dragons.
2590, III - Dwarves abandon Grey Mountains, some (including Dain I's successor, Thror) return to Erebor.
- Thror returns Arkenstone to Erebor.
- Some Dwarves settle in the Iron Hills (east of Erebor). Dain II Ironfoot is one of the decendents of this group.
- Meanwhile, dragons continue to multiply, and eventually Smaug descends upon Erebor.
2770, III - The town of Dale is destroyed by Smaug.
- For the third time, Dwarves abandon their homes.
- Thror, his son Thrain II, and his grandchildren (including Thorin II aka Thorin Oakenshield) wander middle-earth, taking with them the Map and Key to the secret back entrance to Erebor, as well as Thror's Dwarven Ring of Power.
- The other Dwarves flee to Iron Hills.
- Thror wanders off with a sole companion, Nar. He leaves the Dwarven Ring, the Key and the Map to Thrain II. Thrain II vows vengeance upon Smaug.
- Sauron learns about the Dwarven Ring of Power and its wearer, Thror.
- Thror is murdered in Moria by the Great Goblin, Azog.
- Nar reports Thror's death to Thrain II, who begins the War of the Dwarves and Goblins.
- The war’s final battle is fought at the East Gate of Moria (Battle of Nanduhirion). Thorin II loses his shield and wields an oaken branch instead (and becomes Thorin Oakenshield).
- After the battle, Dain II Ironfoot leads people back to Iron Hills and Thrain returns with his people to Dunland.
- Thrain II, with Dwarven Ring, Map and Key, with Balin and Dwalin, decide to head to Erebor.
2845, III - Sauron's agents capture Thrain II in Mirkwood, and take him to Dol Guldur.
- Balin and Dwalin find Thrain II gone after they wake up, and return home. Thorin Oakenshield is pronounced the Heir.
- Thrain II loses the Dwarven Ring to Sauron while captive. However, somehow he keeps the Key and Map.
2845, III - Gandalf hears of Thrain's loss, searches (in vain) for him in Moria.
2850, III - Gandalf goes spying in Dol Guldur, and discovers that The Necromancer is Sauron, and is collecting Rings of Power, and is searching for Isildur's Heirs.
- Gandalf finds Thrain II but does not recognise him. Thrain II has gone mad after losing the Dwarven Ring, repeating the words "last of the seven" over and over again. Thrain II gives Gandalf the Key and the Map, stating "For my son", then dies soon after.
- Gandalf keeps the Key and Map for almost 100 years, not realising its significance.
2879 III - Gimli, son of Gloin is born.
2890, III - Bilbo Baggins is born.
2931, III - Aragorn son of Arathorn is born.
2941, III - (March 15) Gandalf meets Thorin Oakenshield "by chance" in the Prancing Pony, and Gandalf forges his plans which will require a Burglar.

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