Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Update: Tolkien Movie at the Lighthouse

I got a timely reminder from longtime Welly-mooter Wayne, who is currently in Leeds, UK. He sent me this photo:

This has prompted me back into action about watching the movie here as a group. It looks like the Lighthouse Cinema (Cuba Street) will be showing it from the 6th of June onwards. We can't book seats yet until earlier in that same week apparently, so if everyone is happy to wait until then, we'll just pick a session and I'll blog the details here later.

Alternatively, we could book an entire session for our selves - their smaller screen only has 35 seats, and costs $484 to hire for a session - that way we can accommodate anyone else who wants to turn up. The problem with this is that Welly-moot doesn't have a bank account, and I don't fancy running the risk of a heft loss if we don't fill the seats, so we'd have to get enough people to commit, beforehand.

As always, my email is jack@welly-moot.com, let me know your thoughts there or on Facebook.

  - Jack

Sunday, May 5, 2019

Update - Upcoming Tolkien biopic movie

Hi all,

We're still waiting to hear which cinemas (if any!) are going to be showing the new Tolkien movie - if anyone has any information on that, please let me know? It's supposed to be released on the 6th of June, but that's all I can find out about it.


It looks like we do have enough people interested to make this into a Welly-moot event, assuming it will actually show somewhere close by, but please do let me know if you're also keen to join us.

My email is jack@welly-moot.com, or leave me a message anywhere you find me.

Meanwhile, enjoy this Stephen Colbert interview of Nicholas Hoult and Lily Collins, the stars of 'Tolkien'. (Thanks to Aaron for the link!)

Enjoy your week!

  - Jack

Monday, April 29, 2019

Happy 20th birthday to TheOneRing.net

I think we may have missed a birthday greeting, so here is a belated one to all the good folks at TORn, otherwise known as TheOneRing.net. They were the original LOTR movie fansite, and certainly throughout Welly-moot's lifecycle (and NZ Noldor's time before that, still available as an archive on http://nznoldor.blogspot.com/) there were a lot of interactions with them.

They've been around for 20 years - about twice that of my efforts. For that, a big congratulations for continuing to serve the fans well!

Happy 20th birthday TORn, from all of us here!

  - Jack

Friday, April 12, 2019

Register your interest?

Hello everyone,

As you may have heard, the new Tolkien bio-pic is to be released in New Zealand on June the 6th. Obviously we should go to this, either individually or as a group - who is keen to join us? So far we've got Alex & myself, and Kathy from the One Room LOTR Fan Museum. If you're keen, leave me a message here, on the Welly-moot Facebook page, or email me on jack@welly-moot.com.

If we've got enough people interested, we can organise an evening around it, with possibly a dinner somewhere (Yum-cha anyone?).



On another note, this link seemed appropriate at the moment, what with the events in Christchurch prompting some soul searching for us all (hopefully). The question is often asked - was Tolkien racist? There are definitely racist overtones in the Middle-earth sagas - the superiority of the elves compared to, say, the dwarves is obvious, and is explained well in the Silmarillion. However, was he alluding to his feelings about the Human race?

Read what Dimitri Fimi has to say about it. It makes for an interesting read, I think. (thanks Kathy for the link)



One final note - an administrative note, and probably of interest to nobody. As you may have heard, Google is cutting its Google+ service, which means the G+ button will be removed off the main welly-moot blog. I have the distinct impression our Google+ site has never been used by anyone, so feel free to ignore this Very Important Notice. If you don't know what this is all about, just ignore the whole paragraph.

  - Jack

Sunday, December 16, 2018

Walk to Rivendell event, photo report

The weather for our event was fantastic on Saturday the 15th, it wasn't too hot, and it wasn't too cold - just perfect!

At 10am we met at the Pakuratahi Forks car-park, where the Pakuratahi Stream merges with the Hutt River, and where the Swing-bridge crosses it.

Kathy had brought all of the One Room Museum's costume collection with her, and made it available to the group.

Pretty much everyone took Kathy up on her generous offer, and although it took a little longer than planned to get into all our costumes, we eventually crossed the Swing-bridge at around 11:00am.


After gathering everyone together, we set off on our walk through the Kaitoke forest.

After a pleasant walk, we returned to the car-park to retrieve our picnics, and spread out the blankets on the lawn beside the filming locations of Rivendell.

 Once everyone was satiated, we had a good look around the Rivendell area itself, and took the opportunity to get some great photos of everyone, including the inevitable group photo, thanks to a helpful passerby.

The after-picnic coffee & tea session was held by roughly half of the group, at Emily house, who left a little earlier in order to get the fresh cream and homemade ice-cream and cakes ready.

All in all, a great day, and a very successful picnic! I'm keen to repeat it next week - let me know your thoughts!

  - Jack

PS - if you're reading this on Facebook, and can't see the photos, you'll have to visit https://www.welly-moot.com/2018/12/walk-to-rivendell-event-photo-report.html

Sunday, December 9, 2018

Heads up, people - Walk To Rivendell event is only one more week away, ...

...so get those costumes out of the mothballs cupboard, polish that sword to a shine, and brush that hair on your feet.

At 10:00am on December the 15th, we all meet at the Kaitoke Forks Carpark (by the Swingbridge), and at 10:15am, we walk! Bring picnics, for eating/sharing on the lawn in front of Rivendell itself. For full details, check the previous post at:


If you're stuck for a costume, drop Kathy a line the One Room Museum's facebook page:


... she has a lot of spares, and is happy to lend them out for Koha.

No excuses - See you all there!

  - Jack, Alex, Kathy, Kay, and Emily

PS - In case of bad weather cancellation, check back here on www.welly-moot.com (also on the facebook page)

Monday, November 19, 2018

15 December 2018 - Picnic at Rivendell

Hi Welly-Moot crew, just a reminder about our upcoming picnic at Rivendell (aka Kaitoke) on Saturday 15 December.

The plans are:

  • Meet at the Kaitoke Forks Carpark (by the swing-bridge), at 10:00am
  • Adjust costumes (Hell yes! In costume through the rainforest!)
  • Kathy's bringing along costumes from the One Room Fan Museum too, so there will be plenty for everyone
  • At 10:15 or so, we cross the swing-bridge, and walk the main track. It'll take about 30-45 minutes, although possibly a bit longer depending on costume.
  • The end of the walk will get us to the Rivendell grassy lawn, where we unpack our picnics
  • After the picnic, all join for a Welly-moot group photo by the Archway.
  • Plus anything else we can think of on the day, or before. We're open to ideas, so drop us a line anytime!

Afterwards, if people have any energy left, Emily has invited us to her place for a cuppa, chill out and debrief! Details provided on the day.

We've prepared a poster (thanks Kay). Feel free to circulate it or post it anywhere someone might be keen.

See you Dec 15th - hopefully the weather gods and all the Ents and whoever will give us glorious weather! Cheers, Kathy